Assist. Prof. Hatice ARSLAN SÖZÜDOĞRU

Assitant Professor Dr. Hatice Aslan Sözüdoğru

She was born in Merzifon, Turkey in 1975. She completed her elementary and secondary education in Germany, graduated from Merzifon High School in 1993. She graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Arts, Department of Arabic Language and Literature in 1997. She received her master’s degree in Arabic Language and Rhetoric from Uludağ University. After she completed her doctoral education at Department of Oriental Studies, Ruhr University in Germany in 2010, she was back to Turkey and started to work at Istanbul University, Faculty of Theology as a scholar. She is still an assistant professor at Department of Arabic Language and Rhetoric in the same faculty. Her studies focuses on Muneccimbaşı Ahmet Dede Efendi’s Cami Duvel, the Dutch Translations of Quran in the 17th and 18th century, the positive and negative images of Ottoman and Turkish in the contemporary Arabic literature. She knows Arabic and Dutch. She is married and has one

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