Assoc. Prof. İlyas TOPSAKAL

He was born in Samsun in 1970. After graduating primary and high school in Samsun, he sarted to attend to Erciyes Üniversity, Theology Faculty in 1989. He was graduated from this faculty in1994. Inthe same year he satarted to master program in Marmara University, Social Sciences Institute, Department of the History  and Arts of Islam. He also emplooyed as a teacher in the schools of the Ministry of Education. In 1995, he was been resarch assitant in Çukurova University, Teology Faculty, Departmant of the History and Arts of Islam. Between 1997-1999, he was charged in Russian and Kazakstan for learning Turkish dialects and Russian language. He finished master program with the thesis named of “Idil Bulgarians and Islam in X-XII. Centuries” in2000. Inthe same year, he started to phD program in the same department. In 2007, he was been Doctor with the thesis named as ‘‘Orthodox Missionary Activities and the Turks in the region of Idıl-Ural according to Russion Missionary Sources’’

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