A new book by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tekin

Mustafa Tekin, Contemporary Construction of Islamic Thought (İstanbul: Mana Yayınları, 2020), 263 pages.

Prof. Dr. Mustafa Tekin's new work titled “Contemporary Construction of Islamic Thought” has just been published. In this work, Tekin focuses on the reconstruction of Islamic thought in the face of the social, political, economic and cultural crises that have emerged in today's world. Tekin, stresses that today’s world is in a multi-dimensional crisis. The totalitarian nature of modernity and its claims of universality has increased the problem of meaning. In addition, post-modernity has further blurred the truth and has deepened this crisis. The main intellectual reason for this crisis is the problem of meaning and a break from transcendence caused by the inability to establish an accurate relationship with the transcendental dimension despite all the production and accumulation of knowledge. As a result, there is a need for a paradigm capable of overcoming the current crises. The study focuses on the paradigmatic construction of Islamic thought, based on the assumption that the paradigm capable of overcoming the current crises is Islam. The study does not claim to be a systematic construction, but a discussion held on the main issues in the field.